Friday, August 26, 2011

OOTD : The Essence Of Glamour Is Elegance

MAXI DRESSES Are great for summer, especially those made out of cotton. This Blue Maxi Dress that i have on in this picture is polyester but it also keeps me cool in these VERY steamy hot days.
I Matched This Blue Maxii Dress With different shades of blue & green & brown which looks great just because not only are those summer colors but are in the same Color palette.

OOTD : Saturday Night Made For Dancing

Outfit For My Saturday Night. I Was at a bbq when i took this picture but this outfit was for a Dancing night out which came on later in the day (:
My inspiration piece was the Blue&White Clutch + Statement Earrings.
Like my earrings were so BIG (: i took it down a notch with the accessories .
This outfit was fir for dancing & i had a wonderful time (:

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