Sunday, November 27, 2011

Lady Vs. Edgy

So by now you might think I'm in love with blazers, well, YOUR RIGHT !!! Blazers are just so Chic! && especially this light pink one... I Combined it with Black&White to keep the Classic look :D & like it was a little windy yet hot outside, i combined this look with tights for those winds that would pass by every 10mins. hehe. As I kept the accessories Simple, I wore Combat Boots just too give this such lady look a little bit of an edge to it. 

Sunday, November 20, 2011

With A Hint Of Print

What's the easiest way to spice up a solid outfit?? PRINT !!

It was kinda chilly today in NJ, so i decided to wear a blazer, not only because i haven't worn this specific one in such a long time but also because, well, look great wit my shoes :D Then i decided to keep everything else simple: All Black Everything. With Gold Accessories. Best Mix ever!!! Let me know what you think (:
Here Are More Pictures:

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Time To Impress!

My family decided to go out for dinner at this dominican restaurant.. YUM (: but you know what that means? Time to Impress!! But i certainly don't want to look like im trying to hard, after all it is just dinner.. So the best thing to wear is Jacket because I know its chilly out, especially with this crazy weather in NJ. But i paired it with a long sleeve cardigan ... Something different to show the family :P && Oxfords with a lil heal because my fam would dare to make me run ... Now, what i like about this outfit is that it is so effortless && it looks very chic, isn't that what we all want to achieve??
Enjoy (:

Zara Scarf, Thrifted Jacket, F21 Jeggings, Nine West Cardigan.

Friday, October 7, 2011

Fall Is Here !!!

Now That Fall Of 2011 is Here, You want a wardrobe that is comfy but still have that effortless chic style right? Here you will be able to find that Shopping list for your Fall of 2011, starting from hair to make-up to the essential pieces you will need.

  • Front Bangs Is A Must !!

                                      You Can Have Shoulder - Length Hair & It'll Still Look Fab !
Even With Long Hair, 

                   Here's My Own Pair of Bangs (;

Now, why am i totally obsessed with front bangs? Well mainly because it goes good with any length of hair. Also because you could put curls into your hair & take out your front bangs & there's a change into your style. But my main reason why i LOVE LOVE LOVE front bangs is because it just completes an ENTIRE outfit, you can be wearing a simple white tee+dark denim jeans & BAM ! bangs just finish the whole look & you will look Great (: 


Here's your basic Cardigan ... For this fall, you can get this cardigan in ANY color you would like, ofcourse there's your neutral colors such as camel, brown, black, white, navy blue, && Gray which is very in This Fall.. & then there's color for every outfit such as PINK, purple, blue, etc.

You can also try cardigans that are longer or with a print such as this one that has vertical stripes.

  • Whats Our Cold Weather Like Without Our Boots ??!!                                                           

                      Knee High Riding Boots
Ankle Boots With A lil Heal, You can also get these without the heal for a more casual look.

Thigh high boots with a heal, would look great with a dress, leggings, jeans, & perfect for Instant GLAM !

Black Flat thigh high boots are perfect for a comfy look.

Friday, August 26, 2011

OOTD : The Essence Of Glamour Is Elegance

MAXI DRESSES Are great for summer, especially those made out of cotton. This Blue Maxi Dress that i have on in this picture is polyester but it also keeps me cool in these VERY steamy hot days.
I Matched This Blue Maxii Dress With different shades of blue & green & brown which looks great just because not only are those summer colors but are in the same Color palette.

OOTD : Saturday Night Made For Dancing

Outfit For My Saturday Night. I Was at a bbq when i took this picture but this outfit was for a Dancing night out which came on later in the day (:
My inspiration piece was the Blue&White Clutch + Statement Earrings.
Like my earrings were so BIG (: i took it down a notch with the accessories .
This outfit was fir for dancing & i had a wonderful time (:

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