Monday, February 27, 2012

A Pop Of Pink !

Spring is less than a month away & the weather is looking really great now a days & guess who's taking advantage ??! My pink jeans :D i bought these at wetseal for what i believe 20$. i Love them !!! & like they are my favorite color &  are just amazing i decided to pair them up with basics: basic white tee, basic black blazer, & basic black pumps. Hehehe,

Enjoy Beauties!!!

You can never go wrong with accessories <3


  1. awesome outfit!!! love the pink jeans on you! i dont have anu colored jeans!

    The Ugly Moments

  2. Thank u :D i only have pink so far but i really want to get blue ones!!! <3

  3. hi cristal! it may have taken me a few minutes but i found your blog!!!!!!!!!! :D it is really nice! so fresh !!!!!!!!!! i just love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    i am your new follower!

    keep up the good work!!!!!!

  4. AH! Those pink jeans are perfection and they look like they were made for you!
    Also I'm really excited to follow you and I hope you'll return the favor. It would mean so much coming from a style icon like you! (:

    xx Amber

  5. I loveee those pink pants on you! It looks great! Keep it up!


  6. Omg XD what a cute jeans. I don't have any pastel jeans. It looks nice on you. XD xx

  7. LOL I recently did a post with the exact same name ;)
    here it is:

  8. I'm new to your blog, but I love it!

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